The Joey Meyers Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to making a difference by generating broad-based support for children’s organizations, programs and schools. The Foundation performs these roles through advocacy, fundraising, and philanthropy. The vision of the foundation is to annually identify a worthy recipient(s), cause or group whose passion and vision compare to that of Joey and his dreams. Once identified, the foundation will present the selected organization(s) the gifts and efforts of that particular calendar year in Joey’s honor.

In 2015 we are pleased to support The Braille Institute Rancho Mirage Youth & Teen Program, offering a variety of educational, social, and recreational events, trips, and seminars to expand the horizons of local blind and visually impaired youth. From white water rafting to rock climbing, we do it.

In addition, we are pleased to support THE Pathfinder Ranch, Mountain Center.
Pathfinder Ranch Science and Outdoor Education School offers a wide variety of both academic and recreational courses to public and private schools, primarily targeted at grades 5 & 6 which allows for a broader learning base in both academic and social skills for students to achieve success and build self-esteem.

Pathfinder Ranch Summer Camp is dedicated to providing children from diverse social and economic backgrounds a fun, safe and memorable summer experience. utilizing activities to help build confidence and self-esteem while providing them with new experiences that might not normally be available. By providing campers with the chance to begin anew, surrounded by people who have no expectations or previous conceptions, Pathfinder enables campers to become who they want to be and discover who they might become.

Much Thanks to our Sponsors. To learn more about sponsoring, please contact George Meyers
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