The Joey Meyers Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to making a difference by generating broad-based support for children’s organizations, programs and schools. The Foundation performs these roles through advocacy, fundraising, and philanthropy. The vision of the foundation is to annually identify a worthy recipient(s), cause or group whose passion and vision compare to that of Joey and his dreams. Once identified, the foundation will present the selected organization(s) the gifts and efforts of that particular calendar year in Joey’s honor.

In 2016 we are pleased to support Bicycles for Children (bicyclesforchildren.org) Changing Lives One Bicycle at a Time! Bicycles for Children donates new bicycles and helmets to impoverished elementary school children, enhancing student connection to their school, and providing volunteerism opportunities for middle and high school students. Providing bicycles to kids whose families can't otherwise afford them encourages exercise, and gives a child a sense of freedom. Teachers and school personnel identify needy children from their school site and deliver bicycles to them. This strengthens the bond between the child and their school. As a not for profit organization 100% of all donations are used to purchase bicycles.

Much Thanks to our Sponsors. To learn more about sponsoring, please contact George Meyers
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